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Bee Wildflower Plug Plants

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One of the best pastimes you can try is sitting quietly in your garden and watch the bees going in an out of the flowers collecting all the nectar.  You have a choice with us which is either buying seeds or these Bee Attracting Wildflower plug plants.  Saves waiting for the germination process if you need your flowers to grow quicker.   These plug plants will provide you 10 varieties of wildflowers that the bees will love. 

  • Bee wildflower plants are a small plug plant species available from our range, an excellent food source for Bees. 
  • Wildflower plug plants for bees will create for you a beautiful wildflower area in your garden, community areas, green spaces, parks, schools, universities or woodlands.  

Help to save the crisis of nature and create a beautiful wildflower area with these bee attracting Wildflower Plug Plants.  A quicker alternative to wildlife flower seeds.