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Large Poppy

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This stunning large poppy is approximately 40cm tall and symbolises many different emotions...comfort and support, remembrance and bereavement, and will continue to for generations to come.
This poppy has been shaped into the flower that we have all fallen in love with, with the floaty petals that normally flutter in the wind, and the beautiful leaves that flutter from the stem of the plant.
The metal has been loving cut out, polished, and shaped by hand, prior to being given a coat of clear lacquer, to give these flowers a beautiful glossy finish.
Because these are handmade, they are all very individual and special flowers, and all end up with slightly different appearance because of how the flowers and leaves have been shaped.
The poppy flower is just so much more than a wildflower.
This is a very striking addition to any flower bed or border, and would make a very loving present too. They are also very special when remembering a loved one.
As with mild steel, this will patina (rust) in time but it has had 3 coats of lacquer to slow the weathering process.