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Betty Bumble's Seed Ball & Activity Set

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Betty Bumble’s Seed Ball and Activity Set provides you with a mini ecosystem, which protect your precious seeds from birds, ants, slugs and other garden insects and provide them nutrition as they germinate and grow.  Our seeds area mix of “Bee Attracting” wildflowers that bees just love!  These seed balls which are all made by hand once sown will help to encourage the Bumble Bees back to your garden and provide you with a lovely start to grow yourself and meadow of wildflowers. 

Our carefully selected mix of flowers and herbs are designed specifically to attract bumblebees, honey bees and solitary bees.  Each seed ball contains over 30-100 seeds per ball, depending on the variety, these are supplied by Mr Fothergills Cornflower, Hissop, Cosmos, Lemon Balm, Mignonette, Wild Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary and Catmint all recommended as bee-friendly plants by the RHS.  (Royal Horticultural Society).

Each box contains 4 truffle sized seed balls enough to cover 1 metre square in your garden or 3-5 medium sized pots (Leave 6” between the balls. Best sown and grow in Spring or Autumn.  The wildflowers will provide a beautiful meadow of wild flowers.  In the set is a spare tin of seeds for you to make your own seeds balls.  

What’s inside: 

  • 4 Magic Seed Balls 
  • A Tin of Bee attracting seed mix by (Mr Fothergills)
  • An activity booklet. 
  • Betty’s Secret Recipe
The wrap that goes around our box is made of plantable seed paper which you can sow and grow.  The best sowing time for this product is early March - October.  All seeds love sunshine.