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Goliath Biodiversity Cube & Planter

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Award Winning 'Green Apple Winner'  Goliath Biodiversity  and Tree Planting Unit Made by Wildlife and Birdcare These planting units create perfect visual theatre in town centres, commercial sites, visitors centres, shopping centre car parks, educational grounds and places of interest.  This is one of our versions of 'Giant' visitor centre theatre piece, which forms part of our 10% Net Gains solutions.

This heavy duty of a biodiversity cube and planter, creates a haven for nature and insects, you can add wildflowers and a centre tree piece for height.  Perfect for any area where you want to make biodiversity a centre-point.  We call it the 'Fruit of our Labour' suggesting a fruit tree is planted on the top layer followed by wildflowers around the second layer and therefore when the fruit grows humans can help themselves, but when the fruit falls we naturally feed the local wildlife.  

  • 900 x 900 x 1200
  • Heavy to lift over 90 kg
  • Built to last
  • Sustainable and bulky
  • Perfect to create a theatrical visual experience
  • Branded to suit
  • QR codes can be added

Single unit per pallet, or location delivery for these due to the weight.   Planting is extra, peat FREE compost can be delivered, which is bought as a separate item.

NB this piece is subject to a pallet cost of £75.00