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Dambusters Raid Lancaster Blue Print T-shirt

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The History of the Dambusters Raid and the Lancaster Blue Print T-shirt:

This T-shirt shows the outline blue print of the Lancaster Aircraft along with some history information and the Dambusters Raid that the flew in.


These T-shirts are screen printed on 100% cotton T-shirts. Allow 3-5 days delivery.

Operation Chastise was an attack on The German dams which was carried out on 16–17 May 1943 by The Royal Air Force, 617 Squadron.  Operation Chastise was  subsequently publicised as the "Dam Busters",using a specially developed "Bouncing Bomber" invented and developed by Barnes Wallis. The Mohne and Edersee Dams were breached, causing catastrophic flooding of the Ruhr valley and of villages in the Eder Valley and the Sorpe Dam sustained only minor damage.