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Top Banana Clothing Spitfire Tally Ho T-Shirt

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Top Banana Clothing Spitfire Tally Ho T-Shirt With retro distressed text on a smart fitting 100% cotton standard fit t-shirt, the Tally-Ho range is great way to celebrate iconic aircraft. This T-shirt features the famous RAF Spitfire. Available in sizes Small to 2XL in 4 colours

To this day, the sight and sound of the Spitfire is like that of no other plane. With her slim fuselage, elegant cockpit cover and that distinctive whining engine noise that changed pitch when she banked and rolled, it is the Spitfire that still evokes Britain’s fortitude and courage in wartime – her resistance and her Hell-bent heroism. 

While it was the Hawker Hurricane that was truly the front line of our defence against the Luftwaffe (there were some 27 Hurricane squadrons and only 19 Spitfire squadrons during the Second World War) it is, for many of that generation, the Spitfire that springs to mind when we think of “the Few’’ who saved us in our “finest hour”.